Admiralty House, Plymouth

Active Hospitality Solutions Ltd were contacted and our views were sought by Atwell Martin Estate Agents on behalf of  a developer who having developed the Admiralty House site in Plymouth  for housing  was keen to understand the viability of the main house as a hotel.

After viewing the site and  gaining an understanding  of the current  covenants  being proposed to limit its use  and also the local market  we gave Atwell Martin  Estate Agent an informed  view. This  included a number of scenarios that we felt would  work for the property and make it more attractive to an operator.


Anchorage Hotel, Torquay

Anchorage Hotel, Torquay

In 2014 Active Hospitality  Solutions Ltd was consulted by the owners of the Anchorage Hotel  in Torquay  on the current positioning of the hotel. The directors  of the hotel were keen to consider  whether the hotel should be repositioned from its current AA 2 star rating  to a AA 3  star  hotel.

We assisted in this exercise  giving a view on the refurbishment and upgrades necessary to attain this , the benefits of such  a repositioning  and whether it would open up new better rated business sectors.

On our advice the hotel achieved a 3 star   rating in time for the summer of 2015.

In late  2015, the owners of the Anchorage Hotel, Torquay invited  AHS Ltd back the hotel to undertake a full  and detailed review of their business. Our brief was to look at all aspects, ranging from the fabric of the building, quality of product, service styles, costs analysis and sales and marketing activities. After  reviewing the business the  owners were presented with our views  in the form of a report and the outcomes discussed in detail with them.

The Anchorage  embraced  at least 90% of our recommendations  and during 2016 they have seen their costs reduced significantly  and their sales  and profitability increase  significantly.


Durley Dean Hotel, Bournemouth

Durley Dean Hotel

Active Hospitality Solutions has managed the 115 bedroom Durley Dean Hotel ( in Bournemouth and its operating company Durley Dene Trading Ltd since January 2010. The company and hotel were  owned at that time  by overseas investors who are not operators. Under the Management Agreement, Active Hospitality Solutions managed both aspects of their investment with complete autonomy. The hotel was previously leased to the hotel group Folio Hotels who entered into administration in December 2009 with the hotel reverting back to the landlords.

Working with the landlord (investors) Active Hospitality Solutions put together a proposal to the bank which demonstrated that the hotel could be turned round to a position whereby it could meet its financial obligations to the bank and deliver a profit in the trading year 2010 against a background of significant losses in 2009.

Under Active Hospitality Solutions direction the Durley Dean has continued to prosper and continued to show year on year growth in terms of turnover and profitability.

In March 2014 together with some Investors, Paul Feasey, Active Hospitality Solutions Ltd.’s founding  director  purchased the Durley Dean Hotel. The hotel  continues to be managed by AHS Ltd under a management contract.


Masters House, Hertford

Masters House Hertford

In August 2010 Active Hospitality Solutions Ltd was employed on a short term 6 month contract by the Masters House Hotel ( ) in Hertford. Masters House Hotel is a 14 bedroom town centre boutique hotel with a stylish Bar and Restaurant. The hotel opened in November 2009 and had failed to perform to the owners' expectations and a decision was made to appoint a professional company to oversee the running of the business. At our commencement the hotel was averaging weekly sales of £12k which was commercially unsustainable. With Active Hospitality Solutions expertise the hotel's weekly average sales increased to £19k within the first 4 months.

Active Hospitality Solutions Ltd services were renewed at the end of the initial 6 month project and turnover continued to grow during 2011. In July 2011 the Hotel was sold and subsequently renamed by the new owners.


Pier Point Restaurant & Bar,Torquay

pier point torquay

Paul Feasey, and an Active Hospitality Solutions Associate, purchased the Pier Point Restaurant in Torquay 11 years ago when its turnover was £195K and losses in excess of £35k pa. ( After refurbishment, and a new and improved quality offering, together with professional management, Pier Point increased turnover to £480k in the first 12 months and generated net profits after finance and depreciation of £55k. In 2015 it   produced a  net turnover in excess of £1m and is on course to improve  by more than 10% in 2016.

Pier Point during 2016  has  won several awards  such as,  Torbay Hour Best Integrated Social Media award, Gold Winner in the Herald Express South Devon Tourism awards  for Excellence in Customer Service  as well as being a finalist in the Devon Life Awards for Best Family Restaurant

We are delighted that in a sector of the hospitality business where independent  Restaurants and Bars typically struggle  that we are able to demonstrate that even in this tough economic market that we can deliver growth on turnover and profits whilst still delivering a quality offering to our patrons.


Stadium Bar, Portsmouth

Stadium Bar - Portsmouth

Active Hospitality Solutions Ltd was employed by Shikka Ltd in February 2011 to oversee the Stadium Bar in Portsmouth. Shikka Ltd had acquired the lease from the Administrators who had been running it as part of the Walkabout brand.

Stadium Bar was a 730 capacity sports bar and late night venue situated in Guildhall in the city centre.

Our brief was to oversee the handover of the lease, reposition the bar to an independent brand from Walkabout and trade the site. We were also required to give the new lease holders a professional view on the business and its best route for the future.

We advised Shikka Ltd in August 2011 that significant investment was required to establish the site as a premium site that could deliver the revenues necessary to make the business viable. Our advice also concluded that due to the level of investment required this would be a risky route for an independent to undertake and competing with the big established brands such as Tiger Tiger near impossible.We advised that selling the lease to a major brand would be the most sensible approach. The site is currently being acquired by a major brand.