Active Hospitality Solutions supplies a range of services for hospitality businesses, including 

  • operational support in all disciplines 
  • strategic development
  • Investment project management.

Approved Associates of Active Hospitality Solutions, under the personal direction of MD Paul Feasey, have extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality sectors.  AHS provides a range of skill sets that cover all the disciplines required to run a successful and profitable business from the teams at the sharp end right up to Board level.

Your business can access highly experienced and qualified professionals offering a broad range of specialised skills ranging from Financial Accountancy, Marketing, e-Marketing, Project Management, and Interior Design.

You will be provided with flexible solutions that can be measured.

Whether a single unit operation requiring a short term fix or long term management led turnaround, or a multi-site group needing strategic level leadership across one or more disciplines, we can meet your needs. We know from our experience that each hotel or hospitality business has a different set of needs and challenges and we aspire to meet that particular need and expect to make a positive difference to your business.

For more details on Active Hospitality Solutions, contact us to arrange a time to meet, without obligation, to discuss how your business could benefit from our support.